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- MissBehavin from United Kingdom

Brilliant mafia game. I have played this online mafia game for over 2 years now and it is constantly improving week by week. Tons of features, many more than other mafia games I've played, and I've played quite a few. Very supportive staff team in place. So much more than just a mafia game, mob life is more of a community of friends! I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a mob game full to the brim with action!

- HannibalSmith from United Kingdom

A great game with a brilliant community. Never a dull moment,with the new and inventive gaming improvements increasing the games likeability every time. A pleasure to be playing and helping with the users here. Why only 4.5? If I gave it full marks then they wouldn't try and improve it :xd:

- ElGlozier from United Kingdom

Moblife really is a fantastic mafia game, it can pass the time while your having fun on it. There is a variety of things to do like OC's, crimes, thefts, heists and killing in this mafia community. The mafia game has kind people playing and is coded by the best coders in the world. So if you want to have fun and a joyful experience, sign up to Moblife today :)

- Penfold from United Kingdom

MobLife is a great mafia game with one of the most active Staffing Teams I've seen on online mafia gaming for a long time, They are constantly adding new features, which only improve the game play even more.

- SilenceX from United States

A great mafia game very addicting. Lots of fun great staff and a great community. You will love this mafia game! Sign up today!

- RatedRKO from United Kingdom

Brilliant mafia game the best mob game ever i have played for 2 years and met some really friendly people on MobLife they are always friendly and helpful. There are lots of updates and it never gets boring.

- Tehbiggi from United Kingdom

Moblife is a brilliant game that improves everyday. With the newest updates allowing you to change the layout that you view. Also with the oc page being upgraded. Also for new players we have the members project who are always willing to help no matter what.

- SilverBlade from Greece

Moblife just rocks! I have played for about 2 years and I have loved every minute of it! Highly recommended!

- versin from United Kingdom is a creation out of this world and has been skilfully designed to meet all players needs it has a lot to offer new upcoming gangsters and the whole online text based Mafia game experiences.The staff are all ways finding new things to add and to get people online so what you waiting for click that register button and get playing the best Mafia game on the web don't just take my word for .....see it for your self and the best thing its 100 % free to register.

- Deanus from United Kingdom

Pretty amazing game, for the full amount of time ive played here ive had nothing but fun! The staff are Amazing, well managed and always help you with your needs. 5 Stars all round!!!!

- Cranky from United Kingdom

Great Game. Been playing for over 2 years now.. and met some great people :)... lots of stuff to do and people to talk to give it 5/5

- leadbellyx3 from United States

If this game gets any better, I will have to sit on my hands to keep from clapping!

- Sphynx from United Kingdom

I am new to this game very good. nice easy game play and nice players

- daredevil228 from United Kingdom

I have chosen mob life as my faviourite game its amazing i mean the people on mob life are very helpful and i would advuse telling your friends as it is a game worth playing

- RastaMan from United Kingdom

Moblife is an oustanding game ! I have not long started playing it and the community are excellent. The actual gameplay is itself is brilliant and not too hard too understand. I'm having a brilliant time here on Moblife and so should you it's an action packed, fun filled mobster land and you must be on the ball at all times to get to the top ! :) Moblife 9/10 Nothings perfect.

- Vortex from United Kingdom

This game is great! That's all that needs to be said. Great!

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